Vector Basics
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Teragon Vector Objective

  • Provide exposure to the global crypto market with tokens representing the majority of market cap excluding stablecoins
  • Focus on diversification and early participation in rising stars
  • Maintain high liquidity for ease of entrance and exit
  • Rebalance vectors regularly to capture quickly rising tokens while limiting drawdown risk

Eligible Tokens

  • Must not be a stablecoin
  • Must have a non-zero positive market cap
  • Must have at least 90 days of operating history
  • Must have passed a credible audit
  • Must have reasonable and consistent liquidity
  • Must not include features that discourage long term investments

How do users invest?

Indices will be implemented as vaults on each blockchain. Users can invest in these vaults by:
  • Providing the native token or accepted stablecoin e.g. BNB on BSC, USDC, USDT or AVAX on Avalanche. The Vault smart contract accepts user deposit and then proceeds to acquire assets on an AMM. The users receive corresponding Vault tokens during net asset valuation (NAV) daily around 10:00 UTC in return that represent the underlying Index. Withdraws are completed at the same time.
  • Direct minting: Users can provide the constituent tokens of an Index and receive the corresponding value in the Vault token
  • Direct buying using an AMM Pool: We will setup AMM pools for Index token vaults. Users can directly buy Index Vault tokens on these pools. We will liaise with market makers for setting up these AMM pools
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How do users invest?