User Guide

How to use the Teragon Managed Vault

1. Setup a wallet

Set up a Web3 wallet. Metamask is recommended.

2. Fund your wallet

Fund your wallet with accepted tokens. Note that some AVAX is needed to transact on the network. 0.2 or more is recommended, but fees can vary depending on network traffic.

3. Connect your wallet

Go to https://teragon.io/managed-vault and connect your Wallet
connect your wallet on the top right

4. Choose deposit asset and amount

Click on the “Deposit” button and choose your desired token, the amount, and select “Deposit.”
deposit window

5. Confirm Metamask Transaction

Two transactions will be prompted, the first will authorize the contract and the second will send your tokens to the contract, make sure to confirm both!
Metamask confirmation popup
The above window will appear if your transaction has been successful.

6. View pending deposits

After a successful deposit, funds will be pending under “My Holdings” on the Teragon Managed Vault UI.
My Holdings displayed

7. View active deposits

After the next NAV is published (09:00 UTC Mondays - Fridays), your tokens will be minted to your address. Your TMV-BT shares are also visible on the Managed Vault UI.

8. View TMV-BT balance in Metamask

In order to see the TMV-BT token in your Metamask, find the token icon on the top right of the Managed vault UI. Click on the icon and approve the transaction on Metamask. TMV-BT token should be visible under “assets” on your Metamask after.

You're done!