DeFi Option Vault (DOV)
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What is a DeFi Option Vault (DOV)?

DeFi Option Vaults run an automated option selling strategy, selling out-of-the-money (OTM) calls/puts on a weekly basis and collecting the premiums. Teragon DOV's run weekly Epochs in which the options are auctioned off to select market makers.
Everything is automated, users can set-and-forget their holdings in these vaults to collect premiums.

Implementation Example

  • Teragon Global Crypto Index (GCI) Call Overwriting Vault on BSC
  • Users can deposit their Teragon GCI token into this vault
  • The vault generates yield by selling weekly call options on the Teragon GCI
  • If the call option ends up out-of-the-money, users receive option premium in the form of additional Teragon GCI vault tokens
  • If the call option is in the money, then users receive the equivalent BUSD generated by selling the Teragon GCI notional + call option premium at the strike price
Fee Structure
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What is a DeFi Option Vault (DOV)?
Implementation Example