Introduction to Teragon

Grow your wealth on autopilot
Teragon is a multichain DeFi protocol that allows for a new way to invest in crypto assets and various DeFi instruments for both advanced and novice investors alike. It is built upon three main pillars: Indices, Rule-Based Strategies and Structured Products. We call this Full Stack Asset Management.
With Teragon, users can now profit off of this interlinked suite of products working in tandem
Indices (Vectors) are Teragon's foundational building blocks. We allow users to invest in managed portfolios across various crypto sectors (L1s, GameFi, DeFi etc.).
Rule-Based Strategies (Tensors) then algorithmically allocate users cash and index holdings according to one's risk appetite and given market outlook.
Structured Products (Hypercubes) use options to enhance yield, hedge downside and leverage upside exposure on top of Teragon's Vectors and Tensors.

Teragon Team

The Teragon core team is a mix of the old generation and the new generation. We combine our experience from TradFi trading/structuring and traditional start-up building with DeFi-native product direction and development.

Protocol Mission


  • DeFi is one of the most significant financial innovations in the last 20 years. It is technologically capable of revolutionizing how we save/invest, lend/borrow and trade
  • DeFi’s current unnecessary complexity and disassociated state do not allow for needed scalability. If DeFi aims to become a space with 1 billion active participants, new products need to be introduced.

Problems in DeFi

  • DeFi can be too complex for novice users to approach. Besides professional trading houses, very few individual participants can properly utilize the tools available in DeFi
  • It's difficult to keep up with the fast changing sector with new projects and technology constantly emerging
  • Option markets and structured product liquidity is fragmented due to focus on single tokens instead of Indices, and so they have failed to reach broad adoption in crypto/DeFi

Teragon's Solution

  • Reduce complexity by introducing backtested user friendly products that take advantage of available tools in DeFi
  • Create and maintain indices that group assets to spread exposure into emerging technology and projects while limiting risk
  • Build out an Index based options and structured product market to encourage further use of volatility tools
We believe executing these steps can stimulate growth in DeFi from a tiny fraction of traditional finance towards onboarding one billion users.